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The enterprise, operating under the name of Deniz İnşaat Kollektif Şirketi through the 50’s at Haliç (The Golden Horn) – Taşkızak (Graving dock) site, an area which could be regarded as the cradle of the Turkish shipbuilding industry, was later retitled as Anadolu Deniz İnşaat Kızakları Limited Şirketi in 22 February 1971 and continued trading at the Golden Horn with its headquarters located at Büyükdere. The company during the years 1950 thru1980 has built ships including; 11 tankers and 6 train barges with capacities of 120-150-350-650 DWT for the TCDD (Turkish Republic Railway Operator), a ferry boat for the T.C Sahil Sıhhiye (Turkish Republic Coastal Sanitary Authority), 3 inspection boats for T.C. Gümrük Muhafaza (Turkish Republic Customs Authority) , 2 dump barges of 350 DWT each, 2 tip barges of 300 DWT each, 3 sand barges of 5000 DWT each, 12 tugboats, a personnel barge of 180 DWT and 7 bottom tipping barges of 125 DWT each for the T.C. Bayındırlık Bakanlığı (Turkish Republic Ministry of Public Works) and a total number of 98 ships of diverse types including 6 yachts, 45 coasters and tankers with capacities ranging from 170 to 2600 DWT for various other institutes and establishments. Anadolu Deniz İnşaat Kızakları Limited (A.D.I.K) moved to its current location in 20 December 1982 and from that date on until the year 2004 has produced a total number of 31 ships of various types and sizes including coasters, tankers, fishing boats, motor yachts and dry cargo ships for numerous companies and institutions. The Furtrans Group founded by Faruk Ürkmez in the seventies, has dealt with ship ownership, ship management and shipbuilding activities for more than 30 years until it was registered as Anadolu Deniz İnşaat Kızakları Tic. ve San. A.Ş. (A.D.İ.K.) following the merger of Anadolu Tersanesi with the Furtrans family in 28 December 2004. Since then, the group’s expanded targets have paved the way for the shipyard’s increased capacity and stepped-up technological development primarily aimed at production that in turn helped A.D.İ.K. gain the brand value in the Turkish shipbuilding industry which it had long deserved.
Tuzla Tersaneler Caddesi No:22 34944 Tuzla
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