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Andair AG

Andair is the competent specialist in shelter technology with over 40 years of experience. More than 3'000 large protected installations in over 55 countries worldwide have been equipped with Andair components. With the Andair range of products large and small shelters are successfully protected and ventilated against many threats and endangerments. The Andair air raid shelter program offers a comprehensive range of ventilation components for any size of shelter, such as explosion protection valves up to 80 kPa (11.6 psi) reflection pressure, gasfilters, gastight shut-off valves (150 to 1250 mm diameter), NBC Survivor, EMP protection components, NBC filters (from 20 to 1500 m3/h), air handling units, air conditioning units, power packs (diesel generator sets), ventilating/ventilation units and blast doors. Andair equipment meets the Swiss Federal Department of Defence (DDPS) requirements, and the company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Schaubenstrasse 4 Andelfingen CH 8450
+41 5 230 42424
+41 5 230 42425
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