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Aerosekur S.p.A.

Aero Sekur will demonstrate comprehensive combat clothing capability and helicopter safety & survival equipment. With focus on integration, the range features combat/NBC suits, masks/respirators, sniper suits, ballistic apparel and health monitoring systems. A forty year history developing military safety and security products has resulted in credentials including work as a lead supplier for the Future Soldier (Forza NEC) programme. Protected environmental inflatable structures and collective NBC protection systems (ColPro) for field tents, combat vehicles and ships are included in the range. Parachutes and precision airdrop systems complete the ground defence portfolio. The company's helicopter safety & survival equipment includes a NEW combined flotation / airbag crash landing protection concept. Flotation systems, integrated life-rafts and a unique non-pyrotechnic inflation system are also produced. Lightweight, crashworthy and self sealing flexible fuel tanks are manufactured and MRO is also provided.
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